Who stole your compassion?


Who stole your compassion? 

If you were lucky enough to have a parent read to you when you were a kid then you might remember some of those cute little stories about animals.  Do you remember mimicking the cow, chicken, and pig sounds and how fun it was?  Remember how amazing it was to be able to interact with these animals, to pet them, to feed them?  When we were little we were amazed with all beings, curious about them, and we cared about them.  At some point along the way that all changes.  What happened to the magic?  We become accustom to picking up the meat cuts at the grocery store.  It seems normal getting the bag of dead flesh handed to us at the drive through window.  We slowly become desensitized and the truth is hidden from us behind a vale of lies and corporate greed.  Then, all of the sudden, we slowly loose our compassion!


Lucy and I at Uplands Peak Sanctuary

A brief introduction to modern factory farming…

What you used to consider caring family farmers are no longer out there handling animals the way they used to. The family farmer was bought out, or chased out, by large corporations that have no concern about animal welfare, only making money. The old way of raising livestock was wrong, and should have never happened, but it is a blessing compared to what the industry has become. Baby male chickens are ground up alive, baby calves are immediately taken from their mothers, female cows are raped over and over, throats are slit while animals are still conscious, beaks are cut off of chickens, tails are cut off of pigs, all without sedation. On large pig farms the feces and urine is collected in large pools, then it is sprayed into the air over large fields. The air quality is contaminated in these areas, nearby streams and ground water sources are polluted.  Dairy cows are used for their milk until they can no longer produce, then they are also slaughtered.  Many animals are so poorly treated that they even die in transport.

Take a look at the video below for a brief introduction to modern day factory farming provided, with permission, by Mercy for Animals:

Can’t see the video?  Click here.

All of this, for what?

Imagine if the day you were born someone had already planned the day of your execution.  We have found so many ways to use and abuse animals that they are no longer even considered living beings.  This is what has happened, this is the change you have gone through since you were little, when you had compassion.  The diet of someone that eats meat consists of blood, flesh, veins, muscles and tendons.  Please, consider this for a moment.  The blinders are tightly installed and they need to be removed so you see the truth.  As someone once addicted to these products I fully understand, but you can change.  Animals do not have to suffer, there are other choices, much healthier choices.  Choices that are free from pain and suffering.  There is an entire world of food you have not been introduced to that is waiting for you, a world of cruelty free food!

Make the connection!

Animals are sentient beings, like us.  It has been scientifically proven.  Animals feel pain, joy, and fear.  They seek shelter, food, companionship, and they love and care for their young.  Some say God placed the animals here for us to use, but what God would create beings with sensory abilities so similar to ours and then have you violently kill them and separate their families, when the very same God has provided you with so many other options?  I invite you to watch the best documentary ever made, Earthlings, by Shaun Monson.  I have made it available for you to view for free below and on our YouTube Channel, with permission from the director, Shaun Monson.  I must warn you though.  Earthlings has been nicknamed “The Vegan Maker” for a very good reason.  Even though I think everyone should see this documentary, it is very disturbing to see the truth.  Take a look, then continue reading.

Can’t see the video?  Click here.

There are no excuses left!

I hope you made it through the entire documentary.  At this point I cannot imagine you could possibly have any excuses left.  Every single thing you love has been made vegan already.  All the food, the milk, even the bacon, can be purchased without causing pain and suffering.  All of the vitamins and minerals your body needs can be easily obtained on a vegan diet.  After all, why would you filter all of the nutrients your body needs through a corpse when you can get it straight from the source, fruits and vegetables?  It is better for your health, and for the planet, and by going vegan it is estimated that you can personally save the lives of over 300 non-human animals per year.

What now?

Do you really believe that your cat, dog, or horse are any more significant than a pig, a chicken or a cow?  Consider that for a moment.  If you believe that to be true you are a speciesist, more on speciesism here.  If someone were abusing a cat or a dog many people would get upset, but I am here to tell you that we are abusing thousands of “farm” animals every single minute of every single day.  This madness has to stop.  One person can make a difference!  The only thing left for you to do now is to find your compassion once again and become a vegan.

Visit our resources area by clicking here to obtain free starter kits to help you on your way to becoming vegan as soon as possible.  If you won’t do it for yourself, or the planet, please do it for the animals!


Flickr – Creative Commons – Image by Marji Beach

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