Welcome to the vegan resources section.  This area of the site is intended to help you get fast and meaningful information about veganism, what it is all about, and how you can make the transition.  If you find anything you believe would make a good addition to this page please contact me and let me know.


The documentary known as “The Vegan Maker” – a must see!  This film shows you first hand how we humans have come to use animals.  Please do not turn away, watch the entire thing and share it with a friend!

Click Here to see the film for free on the SharingVeganism.com YouTube Channel.
Click Here for the films official website.

Gary Yourofsky’s “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”

Gary is my mentor, and a true hero for the animal rights/liberation movement.  Please watch Gary’s speech, listen carefully, and share it with everyone you know.

Click Here to watch the speech on the SharingVeganism.com YouTube Channel.
Click Here to visit Gary’s website at http://www.adaptt.org for more information.

Vegan Start Kits

Check out these great kits full of information and resources to help you in your transition to becoming a vegan.

Vegan Starter Pack from Vegan Outreach
Vegetarian Starter Guide from Compassion Over Killing
Vegan Starter Kit from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Excellent Website Resources

Please check out all of the websites below as they were very beneficial for me when I first made my transition to becoming a vegan.

Gary Yourofsky’s website, loaded with great information and videos.

Choose Veg is a site by Mercy for Animals loaded with tips, information, recipes and more.

Mercy for Animals is an excellent non-profit advocacy organization, check them out.

A site by Robert Cheeke packed with information on how to workout as a vegan.

Compassion Over Killing – Working to end animal abuse by focusing on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promoting vegetarian eating.

More information will be added as time permits.