Shannon - SharingVeganism.comMy name is Shannon.  I am a married father of two in Indiana.  Around August of 2013 I started experiencing acid reflux related symptoms and pain.  It really caused a lot of stress in my life and I really needed to do something about it.  I tried a variety of medications, a few therapies, and even a few natural remedies.  Nothing seemed to help.  During this time I began doing a lot of food research.  Completely changing my diet helped my acid reflux condition, but not immediately.  I later found out that I do have a mild hiatal hernia, which could certainly be causing the acid reflux symptoms.  Rather than staying on some type of medication for the rest of my life I decided to continue down the path of eating as healthy as possible, and to see where it lead me.

As I mentioned before, changing my diet was no immediate fix, but over the course of a year I slowly started to feel better.   I do not really have any pain at all now, and I owe it to my diet change.  I was very excited about that so I continued my food research.  As I continued to make more and more discoveries about the western diet, I began to get more and more disturbed, even angry about what I was learning.  Heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, and more, even cancer, can be prevented in most cases.  In some cases these mostly western conditions can be completely cured with diet and exercise alone!  Not only did I learn such terrible diseases could be prevented by a plant-based vegan diet, but that is when I started to learn more about exactly how our food is processed, and where it comes from.  It was that research, the terrible truth, that lead me to becoming a vegan.

Now that I had the knowledge, there was no going back.  Once my eyes had been opened to the atrocities of the meat, dairy, and egg industries I was angry, I needed to do something about it!  What can I do though, one person?  The obvious first step for me was to become completely vegan.  After that I tried to share what I had learned with my family, with my friends.  Social media was used to the point of being unfollowed and unfriended by even my own family members.  That really  hurt my feelings, but I decided to press on.  This information needs to be shared, you see, animals are just like us, they are not stupid.  Animals are intelligent, thinking, feeling beings.  They experience love, fear, joy, pain.  They want to live, just like you and me.  Every single food item and meal that you love can be made vegan, leaving not one single legitimate reason to take another life, or to support to such industries that rape, murder, and enslave billions of sentient beings each year making this situation a holocaust, the longest running holocaust in the history of mankind.

“The greatest ethical test that we’re ever going to face is the treatment of those who are at our mercy.” – Lyn White

Sorry about that, I get carried away with this subject!  For that very reason I made this blog.  I want to share veganism, this is why is here, for you, and for everyone else that has come before me and after me.  It is also here for me, as I learn and discover right along with you.  Becoming a vegan is very rewarding and I think if you give it time and patience you will see what I mean.  Being a vegan is not just about you, it is about the animals first and foremost, but it is also about our planet.  So stick around, learn with me, as I share veganism with the world.  Thank you for being here, I really appreciate it.


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