Shannon - SharingVeganism.comHi, I’m Shannon. Welcome to my blog about veganism, and thank you for visiting. Veganism and living a vegan lifestyle are passions of mine and I hope after spending some time here you will understand why.

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So why be a vegan? Why care about veganism at all?

Welcome to, a growing source of information about veganism, animal liberation, health, and the environment.  This website is here to help visitors gain a better understanding of what veganism is, and why it is so very important.  On this website you will find information and videos that will introduce to you the atrocities of the meat, egg, and dairy industries so that you may understand what we stand for, and why we do it.  Here you will also find health related information, and wonderful vegan food recipes, to aid you in your journey to becoming vegan.

As a result of making a conscious decision to choose compassion you benefit all of the other wonderful beings on this planet that are tortured, exploited, raped, and murdered, on a daily basis, just for our use/consumption.  It needs to end now.


Flickr – Creative Commons – Image by thornypup

Choose to be vegan for them, for you, and for the planet!